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The entrepreneurs investment platform for Italian SMEs.

Industrial expertise for long term value creation.

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Who we are

Entrepreneurs alongside excellent Italian SMEs

WindeX is a private holding company of direct private equity investments formed by a group of entrepreneurs with proven industrial and financial experience. WindeX acts with clear and distinctive values in acquiring and transforming successful small and medium sized Italian companies.

Selectivity Identifying the best investment opportunities intercepting sector trends, growth potential and development possibilities.

Flexibility Definition of tailor-made solutions developed from the specific needs of the SMEs.

Resourcefulness Creating long term value through dedicated growth strategies and continuous operational improvement.

About us

Our mission

Giving future to the enterprise

WindeX identifies successful small and medium sized Italian companies and invests alongside entrepreneurs and managers with the aim of creating value in the medium-long term through the implementation of transformation, development, managerialization and internationalization processes.

A collective mission

WindeX not only provides financial capital, but also brings competences and resources needed by SMEs to express their growth potential in order to achieve long term successful results.

Investment Approach