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Entrepreneurs and excellent Italian small and medium enterprises: a combination for continuity and growth.

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Our story

An accurate indication about the direction of the wind blow

Italy represents the eighth largest manufacturing industry in the world in terms of size and the second largest in Europe, with about 140 industrial districts forming the backbone of the national economic system. About 160,000 SMEs operate in Italy, capable of driving country's development and innovation.

However, Italian SMEs' growth is often threatened by:

  • Lack of succession plans and reduced level of managerialization
  • Reduced access to medium-long term capital for investments and development of new projects
  • Difficulty to increase sales abroad and to fully exploit the technological potential

Therefore, out of the medium-long term needs of Italian small and medium enterprises, WindeX was born. WindeX's goal is to support successful Italian SMEs in their growth, offering a structured access to direct private equity investments to its co-investors.

Speed and professionalism

WindeX operates with speed and professionalism in closing the deals and any subsequent add-on.

Business Transformation

WindeX provides direct support in the business transformation process by implementing the WindeX Transformation System.

Experience and competences

WindeX actively involves entrepreneurs and managers in the management of the companies, leveraging their proven professional experience and expertise.

Absence of exit constraints

WindeX manages portfolio companies without predefined limits on the investment period, reducing stress related to the exit.

Our partners

Helvetica Capital is one of the most important Swiss club deals. Founded in 2015, Helvetica invests in promising SMEs located in Switzerland and neighboring regions, actively contributing to their long term development.

TIM Management is the first Italian interim management company. Founded in Milan in 1987, TIM offers managerial support to companies facing growth, turnaround or restructuring challenges.