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Our approach

The acquisition of Italian SMEs according to WindeX: a “hands-on” approach without exit constraints

WindeX is a private holding company bringing together a group of entrepreneurs ready to commit not only financial capital but also proven industrial skills and professional experience.

The WindeX "hands-on" approach foresees an active involvement in the development of the portfolio companies through the implementation of the transformation model called "WindeX Transformation System".

WindeX does not have any predefined constraints regarding the duration of the investments, the exit is evaluated at the most appropriate time.

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Our strategy

Target dimension

EBITDA between 3 and 6 million Euro, with high margins and solid cash generation.

Deal structure

100% acquisitions or majority investments in case of reinvestment by the previous shareholders.

Geographical focus

Acquisition of companies headquartered in Italy with potential branches in other countries.


Main investment focus in the industrial B2B sector.


Consumer Goods

Food & Beverage

Business services





How it works

WindeX Transformation System (WTS)

  • Operational Excellence

    Improving the production system with the application of the lean «six sigma» production principles.

  • Financial Discipline

    Introducing a standard reporting system and focusing the entire organization on cash management.

  • Supply Chain Excellence

    Introducing procurement and production planning principles aimed at improving supply chain efficiency.

  • Business Development

    Sales development in underpenetrated markets, entry in new markets and launch of new products.