“There is a new club deal of private investors ready to invest in Italian SMEs: according to MF-Milano Finanza, at the moment it can already boast a firepower of about 30 million, but it plans to extend its endowments further. It is called WindeX Investment Club and has been launched by Rolando Benedick (Chairman), a Swiss entrepreneur and former chairman of Manor Group (department store), Valora Group and board member of several international companies such as Moulin family’s Galfa Group (Galleries Lafayette and Carrefour) and Jacobs Holding – and Domenico Sibilio (CEO), an investor and equity partner of CDI Global.

As of today, seven Swiss entrepreneurs and one Italian entrepreneur are participating to the club deal, who have committed to invest up to a total of 30 million in the opportunities that will be presented to them by WindeX team. Other investors and perhaps also institutional investors are expected to join in the future, increasing the investment capacity. Part of the capital, in line with private equity practices, will be provided by two WindeX promoters themselves, to ensure that the interests of the management team are aligned with the investors. In line with market practices, management fees and carried interest, that is to say participation to the results of the divestments, have been foreseen for the team.

The target on which investments will focus are Italian SMEs that are excellent in their respective sectors, with a strong propensity for growth and internationalization and a desire to open up to the capital markets. In particular, target SMEs will have a turnover of between 20 and 80 million Euros, characterized by good profitability and capital strength, as well as ambitious development plans.

Majority investments are preferred, but with the active involvement in management of the partner entrepreneur. All with a medium to long-term time horizon and a more industrial than financial perspective.

WindeX team is already working on the evaluation of some interesting investment opportunities, also thanks to the support of some partners and in particular of Helvetica Capital AG, among the leading Swiss club deals, that will share the deal flow and able to co-investment on some major dossiers.”

Author: Stefania Peveraro